How to Make Cracker Barrel Country Fried Steak Recipe

If you love Cracker Barrel’s chicken fried steak, you’ll appreciate this easy copycat recipe. It’s made with tender cube steak (or hamburger steak) that’s breaded and fried. The meal is then topped with creamy Sawmill gravy.

Coarse salt and black pepper give the breading its savory flavor. Garlic powder is also included, which helps amplify the sweet cornbread batter.

Cracker Barrel Country Fried Steak Recipe


Cracker Barrel country steak recipe is breaded and fried beef, often topped with white gravy. It is a southern comfort food, and is thought to be a variation of Wienerschnitzel, a breaded veal cutlet popular in Germany and Austria. Lamesa, Texas claims to be the birthplace of this dish and holds an annual festival devoted to it. The fried steak is usually served with other country sides and vegetables such as mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, or buttermilk biscuits.

The most important ingredients in this recipe are cube steak, milk, flour, salt, pepper, and oil or fat for frying. Typically, canola or vegetable oil is used for frying the steaks. To get the best results, use a instant read thermometer to ensure that the oil is hot enough before dropping the steaks in. Kitchen tongs are also a good tool for gently turning and removing the steaks from the pan. A wire rack is recommended for the steaks to rest on once they are cooked.


Country fried steak is one of the most popular dishes at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. This recipe is easy to make at home with the right ingredients. It’s a great dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner! It goes well with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, buttermilk biscuits, or skillet corn muffins. It’s also a perfect complement to creamy sawmill gravy!

To ensure the best results, use a high-quality beef cut that is tenderized. The preferred method is running the meat through a machine called a cuber. This flattens the meat and breaks up long fibers, preventing it from seizing during deep frying. However, you can make this dish with untenderized meat if you prefer.

Set up an assembly line by arranging three shallow containers in a row. Put AP flour in the first, egg and water in the second, and finely crushed saltines in the third. Dip each steak in the flour, egg, and baking mix.


The key to country fried steak is the crispy coating. Using rice flour in place of all-purpose flour helps create that crunchier finish without adding too much extra oil when frying. It also helps the breading cling to the steak better.

Traditionally, this recipe uses a type of steak called cube steak or minute steak that has been tenderized with an electric meat tenderizer. This cut of meat can be found in many grocery stores and is usually quite cheap.

When frying this dish, it’s important to use a thermometer and to test the oil to make sure it is hot enough before dropping the steak in. If the oil isn’t hot enough, it will quickly burn and destroy the savory crust that makes this dish so famous.

Country fried steak is a great meal that can be served for either dinner or breakfast. It pairs well with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, hashbrown casserole, and buttermilk biscuits. And of course, a hearty bowl of country gravy!

Serving Suggestions

Country fried steak (also known as chicken fried steak) is comfort food at its finest. It is a traditional Southern dish made with tenderized cube steak that is coated in batter and deep-fried. The steak is served with a thick and flavorful white gravy.

This copycat Cracker Barrel recipe is simple and requires only a few ingredients to make. The key to making a good country fried steak is to use a quality cut of meat. For this recipe, it is recommended to use cube steak (also called minute steak). The steak should be tenderized before breading by running it through a meat tenderizer or by using a kitchen tenderizer.

To ensure a crispier breading, it is recommended to use an instant-read thermometer to monitor the oil temperature during the frying process. It is also recommended to use a wire rack to place the breaded steaks on after they have finished frying. Serve this mouthwatering Cracker Barrel Copycat Recipe topped with Creamy Sawmill Gravy for breakfast or dinner!